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Dynamic Electrostatic Complete Air Cleaner With Filter- 1in

Dynamic Electrostatic Air Cleaner


Our Price: $309.25

Product Code: DYNAMIC-1

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Description Technical Specs

Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner

The Dynamic Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner installs directly into the 1 filter rack(s) in the existing heating and cooling system. Its electronically enhanced media combines elements of both electronic and media air cleaners. Particles are electrically charged (polarized) and then collected in the high efficiency media. Polarized sub-micron particles join with other particles and are collected on subsequent passes.

  • Very high multiple pass efficiency (95-99% for particles of 0.3 to 0.5 micron size); rises as the air cleaner loads (confirmed by independent laboratories)
  • Equivalency to MERV 13 rating on more traditional media filters
  • Air cleaners fit directly into existing filter racks or return air grilles
  • 24V power supply; optional transformer 84-110V-24V plugs directly into a 120V outlet
  • 6000VDC output voltage to polarized media
  • No ozone production
  • Low static resistance to airflow; maximum recommended face velocity: 500 FPM
  • Disposable carbon-filled media pads only require a few minutes to change; requires replacement every three to four months
  • Custom sizes available
  • Toll-Free NATE certified Technical Support 800.578.7873
  • 5-year limited warranty


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